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Jaden Mickey, a native of Eastvale, California, began his football career at a very young age. When his father, Lamar Mickey, coached high school football as a DB coach, Jaden was right there during practices, taking in all that he could at the tender age of four years old. Everyone could see at that young age that Jaden had a competitive spirit. He always wanted to be the best at all things competition, whether basketball, track, games, you name it, he tried to beat everyone. His first football experience began at five years old when his parents put him in youth flag football with the Eastvale Mustangs where he started playing the quarterback position. Throughout his youth football experience, he transitioned from quarterback to multiple positions. It was during those years, after playing tackle football his third year in, that Jaden fell in love with defense. As a cornerback, Jaden has been able to lock down many talented wide receivers. Being the youngest in his class most of the time, he played Freshman high school football with Nationally known Corona Centennial, California public high school until he was moved up to the varsity team by the head coach at the end of the year. As a true sophomore, Jaden earned a starting spot at the cornerback position on varsity. He started at the cornerback position for three consecutive years and served as captain his senior year. Using his leadership skills, Jaden was instrumental in helping propel the team to an 11-1 during the 2021 season. 


Jaden’s high school career earned him many accolades as well as 19 Division 1 scholarship offers. In March of 2021, he narrowed it down to his top four which included Oregon, Northwestern, Cal Berkeley and Notre Dame. Jaden committed to the University of Notre Dame on March 8, 2021. Finishing high school early on December 16, 2021, with a 4.0 GPA, this scholar athlete enrolled at Notre Dame in January 2022. 


High school accolades:


  • IE Sports Net Riverside County Player of the Year 2021

  • ScoreBook Live’s 2021 All-Southern CIF Section 1st team

  • Press Enterprise All-Inland Football Defensive Player of the Year 2021

  • Press Enterprise All Inland Area Defense 1st team 

  • L.A. Times’ 2021 fall All-Star high school football team

  • Score Book Live’s California high school football All-State team 2021

  • Ranked Rivals 20th CB in the Nation for the class of 2022

  • Big VIII Special Teams Player of the Year 2021-2022

  • Big VIII All League 2021 1st team

  • Big VIII All League 2020 1st team

  • Big VIII All-League 2019 2nd team

  • Scholar Athlete, 2019, 2020, 2021

  • Cal Hi Sports California All-State Team, Spring 2021

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Jaden Mickey Logo_edited.jpg
Jaden Mickey Logo_edited.jpg
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